Pendidikan Advent Cimindi

Vision & Mission

Established since 1965

As a church school, our journey has been marked by resilience and dedication

Introduction Our School

Pendidikan Advent Cimindi (PACIM)

As we look to the future, we remain steadfast in our dedication to shaping generations of faithful, knowledgeable, and wise individuals who will make a positive impact in our community and beyond.

Our Vision

Building a generation that is balanced physically, mentally, spiritually and socially through achievement and environmental awareness.

Our Mission

  • Enhancing faith and devotion to the One Almighty God.
  • Creating a creative and innovative learning process through the utilization of technology.
  • Integrating foreign languages into learning.
  • Developing students’ talents and achievements through extracurricular activities.
  • Implementing a healthy lifestyle.


  • Creating students who are capable leaders able to compete in the workforce.
  • Instilling fear of God in students.
  • Fostering good citizenship in this world and the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • Empowering schools to cater to students’ needs in facing globalization.

Pendidikan Advent Cimindi - History

The establishment of the Advent Publishing House in Cimindi in April 1954

contributed to the growth of the Cimindi Advent congregation. The staff, initially numbering in the tens, grew to be dozens, with many of them settling their families around Cimindi, forming the majority of the Cimindi Advent Congregation, consisting mostly of IPH employees. Every Sabbath, they gathered in the “auditorium” of IPH (now the marketing office) which could accommodate around 50 people. This congregation took the initiative to establish a church school around 1965, facilitated by IPH. From a modest building, Mr. J. U. Lontaan became the head teacher of three classes (grades one to three), according to the testimony of Tatang Sumardi, the first student at this Advent Elementary School in 1965. A year later, Romulus Tampubolon became a teacher at the school. Meanwhile, in 1967, Lontaan was succeeded by Mrs. Suartiningsih-Klein, the wife of Rudi Klein, an IPH employee. The first batch to take the national exam in 1969 all passed.

In 1968, Cimindi school sent its students to take the national exam, joining the public elementary school in Cibeureum, Cimindi, with a 100% pass rate.

In 1969, upon the initiative of IPH management and the IPH church, fundraising was conducted to build a more permanent school with three classrooms, a teacher’s office, a principal’s office, and toilets for teachers and students, located on IPH-owned land (still in use today). In 1969, the IPH chapel (now the book circulation room) was also used for fifth and sixth grade classes preparing for the national exam. At that time, there were three fifth grade classes and two sixth grade classes, and thankfully, when we took the exam at the public elementary school, we all passed with flying colors.

In 1969, Mr. Romulus Tampubolon moved to Advent Education Naripan and was replaced by Mrs. Walean. For years, room facilities were borrowed from IPH until eventually the Advent Elementary School endeavored to improve its own building. Even the current building location belongs to IPH, according to organizational regulations stating that an institution should not be merged with another institution (thus the clinic behind the school was closed in the 1970s). Towards the end of the 1970s, the existence of this school was questioned. A plot of land across the highway (near the bamboo tree) had been acquired (though the presence of a Christian school there was not approved by neighboring residents), so that land was replaced with land behind the military housing where two IPH staff houses were located. The Cimindi Elementary School grew rapidly in the 1980s and 1990s, with the establishment of the junior high school level in 1978 and the high school level in 1982. Along with this progress, under Mission, secondary and tertiary education ran smoothly, with multi-storey buildings and hundreds of students. The early educators at this school, pioneers for several educational levels, were Mrs. Walean, W. Hutapea, B. Bangun, and others who followed, primarily contributing to physical infrastructure and accreditation equivalent to public elementary-junior high-senior high education.

The 2000s posed significant challenges to the teachers to improve facilities and infrastructure to anticipate the changing times. Formerly volunteer teachers included the wife of Dr. B. Supit, the wife of R. B. Matahari, and the wife of W. Walean.

This school consistently receives evaluations as a measure of its value, meeting international standards through “AAA” accreditation and National Accreditation by BAN-SMA with an “A” grade (Excellent). Since its establishment, the school has undergone changes in leadership.

This school was founded with the aim of spreading the gospel worldwide by preparing children to be a generation of the nation with faithful, pious, honest, and loyal characters, with the motto: “The fear of God is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom.”

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